Young Leaders

Increasingly, academic performance is only one of the factors that guarantees preferred university placement and employment.

Universities and Employers are looking more and more at what 'other' skills potential students and employees bring to the table and as our young people become more and more tech savvy, there's often a corresponding drop in their ability to communicate and engage with an audience.

"Student Leadership" is a phrase that gets thrown about a lot in our schools, there are school captains, sports captains, music captains and the list goes on... 

Let's be honest, we've all sat through many a school assembly where our children read a couple of sentences from a piece of paper whilst fumbling for a microphone as it's gets thrown to them like an atomic bomb.  If we're going to expect our young leaders to get up and talk in front of the entire school community or to present at external events, we need to give them the tools and the confidence to do it well.  There are many practical ways in which we can better prepare our future leaders.  We've worked with some of the world's biggest organisations - running presentations courses for senior executives and graduate talent programmes - and the one piece of feedback we consistently come away with is 'I wish I'd been able to do this while I was in high school'.  So, as any organisation on a continuous improvement journey does, we've listened to the feedback and have devised a workshop specifically tailored to meet the needs of senior secondary students.

Presenting with Confidence and Impact

The ability to present well really can accelerate careers.  The reverse is also true. 

There are very few senior corporate leaders who can't deliver a presentation to drive change and motivate a workforce.

Who are the potential leaders? Who stands out from the crowd?

Those who present with confidence and impact will undoubtedly rise to the top of the pile.

High school graduates looking to achieve admission to prestigious universities and employment at top tier firms after graduation must consider their presenting skills and ensure they are giving themselves the best possible chance to make the grade.  And the sooner they start to understand the principles involved and the skills they need, the better.

We run presentations workshops that are designed to help develop an individual's presentation style and technique to achieve maximum impact, build confidence and unlock potential.

Places on our workshops are very limited  to ensure that individuals are given sufficient attention and feedback.

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